Syyhhh~ Silent Readers


Thursday, 17 May 2012



You always say you hate to see me hurt. You hate to see me cry. So all of those times you’ve hurt me, were you closing your eyes?

Ya Allah, Sabar Sha... 

Yes, Don’t be surprised if one day I’ll avoid you and be gone. It’s not because you’ve done something wrong or else but because I’m afraid to love and be hurt again by somebody who can’t love me back.

 It’s unfair to think so much of you when you’re not missing me at all, to cry when you never shed a tear, to love when you say words that hurt my heart and to live when you breathe for someone else.

How do you define love? Do you make people fall for you and feel a short damn moment of happiness? Then the next thing you do, dump them? If that's how you define love then I should say you've loved me quite well.

I cry because I know he doesn’t feel the way I do. I cry because I realize how pathetic I am. I cry because I think I’ll be crying forever.



I guess I LOVE YOU. But... I Love You Doesn't really mean that I want you to be mine. In fact, its another way of saying 'I'am Happy to see you with someone else even if its killing me. 

I ALWAYS knew looking back on the tears would make me LAUGH but NEVER knew looking back on the laugh would make me CRY~

Some people love not really wishing to end up together. Some people leave not really willing to go. I love not expecting to be loved back. I leave not because I know I’ll be followed. I love because I love. I leave because I let go.

.No more crying, I can’t cry anymore. Don’t take my hand this time, just go. And please don’t look back because I know if you do, I would come running back to you.

I never thought this would happen, I really didn’t know. But I guess it’s better if you just let go. I’m really gonna miss you and everything you did for me. Cause as long as she owns you, this love could never be.

The day you broke my heart, I dropped a tear in the sea. I was lost and distorted, without you I can’t be me. And when they find that tear, that single drop of pain, that’s the one and only time this heart forgets your name.

Ya Allah.... give me patient.. give me strength to get through today. You know the struggles I have to face. Give me strength  to face the fact though it slay me......Please Ya Allah....